Become the owner of your mobile home

The residential campsite Les Dunes is located in the heart of the town of Brétignolles-sur-Mer, camping in Vendée. Only 150 meters from the beach, this seaside campsite in Vendée is ideal for holidays and offers you the opportunity to recharge your batteries in a lush natural setting. If you are planning to go to the Pays de la Loire region, the Les Dunes campsite provides you with a multitude of facilities. The aquatic area of the campsite has water slides and whirlpool baths. You just have to choose between the outdoor pool and the indoor pool. A children’s play area, a tennis court and a mini-golf course are also accessible to all residents of the campsite.

The process of selling a mobile home

Several numbered plots are visible on the campsite. Sales are made between individuals, without an intermediary. Within the Les Dunes campsite, it is possible to find IRM and ANKARA mobile homes in good condition. Once you have signed the deed of acquisition, you will be admitted to the circle of co-owners. As for the annual charges, they will be sent to you in two installments, namely in June and in December. These charges include maintenance, guarding and operating costs for the estate. These charges are estimated at 1,560 euros per year, with tourist tax added. Concerning water and electricity bills, they will be noted according to the debit counter statement.

Buy your mobile home in Brétignolles

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