In order to make your rental investment profitable, you must take into account the main characteristics of the mobile home, namely its location, its size, its surface area, its accommodation capacity, its general condition, its interior layout, its number of rooms, its equipment, etc. In addition to these numerous criteria, the fact that it is new or second-hand is also to be considered, as well as the presence or absence of furniture.

The criteria for choosing a mobile home

There are regulations that govern the installation of this type of housing. In principle, the mobile home is designed to be installed in a campsite, a holiday village or a residential leisure park. However, this does not prevent you from installing it on private land, provided you follow the complex procedures that the town planning code provides.

Regarding the choice of PRL, you must ensure that the establishment offers quality services, activities and equipment. Infrastructure that justifies the use of the mobile home as a vacation rental. All conditions to be respected are included in the rental clause of the plot. In principle, the contracts require that rental management is the responsibility of the establishment, in return for a commission that can range from 20% to 60% of rental revenue.

In addition to its location, it is important to find out about the various expenses linked to this investment such as property tax, tourist tax, maintenance and guarding costs, among others. Other energy-related services including water, electricity and gas are not left out. As for the WiFi connection, there is a charge for internet in certain holiday centers. However, offering this service completely free of charge constitutes an asset to your rental investment, enough to convince tenants to stay at the campsite.

For mobile home models, you are free to buy directly from a manufacturer or invest in a good opportunity from an individual. In any case, it remains more interesting to directly purchase the models on sale available in the PRL.

New mobile home VS used mobile home

This choice arises from your budget allocated to the acquisition of housing. In general, second-hand mobile homes are popular because they cost less. Although it is very tempting to minimize costs, pay attention to all the elements of the mobile home, including the frames, joinery, furniture, electrical installations, exterior fittings, etc.

Guarantee and insurance

Buying a new mobile home already installed in the residential park or campsite saves you significant logistics. In this context, the accommodation comes with a guarantee lasting one or two years. A guarantee which requires the establishment to take charge of any apparent defects relating to the use of the mobile home.

Finally, housing must be insured for the safety of its future tenants, in the event of fire, natural and technological disasters, etc. At a minimum, the owner must provide “civil liability” coverage.

Now that you know everything you need to know before buying a mobile home, don’t hesitate to go consult our mobile home offers on sale at the Les Dunes campsite in Brétignolles.

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