Last minute stay in Vendée

Are you planning to spend your vacation in a camping in Vendée and are you doing it at the last minute?

Several first-class destinations are available to you for an unforgettable stay in Vendée.

What is a last minute stay?

Typically, a last minute trip is a package deal, only two weeks after making the reservation. This allows for significant savings on rentals, of around 30% to 50%. According to tour operators, the important thing is not the destination, but rather the advantages presented by this type of stay. For a last minute camping trip in Vendée, it is possible to choose from a wide selection of establishments located in the surrounding seaside destinations.

Last minute rental

Even if the choice of several cities is essential to maximize the chances of finding a good deal, it is also important to be able to choose from a range of rentals in a last minute campsite in Vendée.

Rated 5 stars, Les Dunes campsite is a prestigious establishment located in Brétignolles-sur-Mer. Equipped with a heated aquatic area in Vendée, this outdoor hotel provides you with a wide range of accommodation. With a capacity of 8 people maximum, these rentals are fully equipped and designed to offer you optimal comfort. The rooms have full bedding, the living room is furnished and equipped with television and air conditioning. As for the kitchen area, you can see a whole range of household appliances. The wooden terrace is equipped with garden furniture and offers you a breathtaking view of lush nature. The rental price varies depending on the period, but is perfectly suited to any type of budget.

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