During your stay at camping Les Dunes en Vendée, don’t hesitate to try the Talmont escape game. Designed to entertain the whole family, this activity invites you to use all your ingenuity in order to succeed in the numerous missions.

The escape game at Talmont Castle

In the heart of the castle of Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, you have the opportunity to participate in a life-size escape game. This escape game is intended for the whole family, and takes place in the underground passages of this medieval building. For one hour, you will have to solve 12 puzzles and the mystery of the disappearance of Richard the Lionheart in order to escape. Playable for up to 6 people, this escape game is more suitable for adults. However, children aged 8 to 18 can play, and can benefit from a 20% discount. For each group, it is necessary that an adult person be present. You should know that the price, estimated between 23 and 28 euros, can be decreasing depending on the number of participants.

The adventurers’ castle

The adventurers’ castle is located in Avrillé and invites you to try a new generation escape game. In this escape game, each room of the building constitutes a mission in itself. The theme of this life-size escape game is focused on the haunted house. As a result, several puzzles and traps await you impatiently in each room. Intended for people over 10 years old, this escape game will bring all your fears to the surface. For toddlers, courses around dinosaur and pirate themes are also organized by the establishment. Very popular with visitors, the adventurers’ castle combines the suspense of an escape game and a visit to a historic site. The price of the pass is 11 euros for children under 12, and 15 euros for those over 12. This pass allows you to complete a route and access other activities on the site.

Escape if you can

Located in the heart of La Roche-sur-Yon, the Echappe si tu peut leisure park invites you to complete 5 missions. The Treasure of Montezuma is an escape game playable by 5 people within an Aztec temple; the Secrets of Nautilus, a game which gives the opportunity to find Atlantis in groups of 5 people; Russia Expresses, a 5-person playable adventure under the shadow of the Soviet secret services; Hunter Home, an escape game, for those aged over 14, which is played in teams of 6 people facing a psychopath; as well as Headless, a game designed for 6 people which revolves around the famous legend of the headless horseman. This park is open every day during the holidays, and offers a decreasing price depending on the number of visitors. In fact, for duos, the price is 36 euros per person, while for groups of 6, the price is 20 euros per participant.

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