You should know that the resemblance between the mobile home and other types of residence is the usefulness of having good home insurance. At a minimum, the contract must mention a “civil liability” guarantee. In order to offer the most protection to your second home, especially if you wish to rent it later, it is necessary to take out insurance which offers very broad coverage, including theft, fire, natural disasters, etc.

The insurance contract that is best suited to a mobile home

As with health insurance or car insurance, you must choose your home insurance carefully. Therefore, you must carry out simulations and make comparisons of offers that may suit your budget and your needs.

Among the offers proposed, it is possible to find the similar contract. This very practical formula allows your mobile home to benefit from the advantages of the multi-risk contract, in the same way as standard accommodation. However, you can also find the contract specific to a mobile leisure residence. In this case, the terms of the contract correspond to your needs and the specificities of your mobile home.

The guarantees which define the price of mobile home insurance

For information, the simulations allow you to have an overall vision of the guarantees that may be suitable for your mobile home. Generally, the guarantees offered by insurers are identical to those intended for standard housing.

As a result, contracts can cover risks, such as theft, fire, broken glass, explosions, water damage, natural disasters, etc.

You can also find formulas that are very rich in guarantees, which provide fairly broad coverage, including electrical damage, emergency repairs in the event of a water leak, vandalism, various exterior installations, computer device breakdowns. or household appliances, etc. Before signing the contract, remember to read each clause, especially the fine print.

The price of mobile home insurance

The cost of mobile home insurance requires many factors to be taken into account. Of course, the price of insurance is estimated based on the number of guarantees you have chosen, in addition to some criteria specific to the mobile home. The cost of insurance also depends on the size and living space of the mobile home. This also applies to its condition (new or used) and its location.

The price of insurance can also vary depending on its location, namely a campsite or a PRL. This price can also vary depending on the location of the campsite or PRL, that is to say near an urban center or in the heart of a popular seaside resort. In addition, the use of the mobile home also influences the price of insurance. The insurer will ask if you will use it as your main residence or as a secondary residence; or if you plan to rent it during your absence.

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