When it comes to rental investment, a mobile home is a profitable choice. Its purchase price is widely accessible, even for a new model. In addition, the investor benefits from the status of professional furnished rental company, allowing him to choose between two advantageous tax regimes.

Acquire a mobile home outside the campsite

Although the mobile home sales offers are attractive in terms of price, it is better not to take the risk. These accommodations sold outside campsites and residential parks are subject to numerous constraints. In addition, several outdoor establishments do not allow plot tenants to set up their mobile home on it. Not to mention the significant expenses incurred by loading and unloading, as well as transporting the mobile home billed at €5 per km.

Installation and stability costs are not left out. For this, you must plan on average 8,000 euros for the “entry fee” into the rental stock. In any case, buying a mobile home already installed in the campsite is more financially advantageous, especially since the models offered there come with a guarantee.

Buy from a private individual

Just like purchasing a mobile home outside the campsite, buying from a private individual hardly benefits your investment. In this context, the selling price is generally higher than that currently charged on the market. The operation thus becomes expensive, without taking into account the installation and transport costs of the mobile home as we described above.

Locate the mobile home on private land

Although current regulations authorize the owner to install the mobile home on private land, the conditions are complex. A priori, this type of accommodation is intended to be installed in campsites, holiday villages, PRLs and leisure areas under certain conditions.

The different types of contract

Regardless of the type of establishment chosen, you will be offered different contracts for plot rental.

  • The fixed-term contract
    Lasting between five to ten years, it involves changing mobile homes or locations when the contract expires. To benefit from it, it is advisable to resell it to an individual, and replace it with recent models, thereby avoiding transport or installation costs.
  • The contract with tacit renewal
    Its duration is not determined in advance, which implies being careful about the renewal conditions required by the rental park operator.
  • Rental management provided by the campsite or the PRL
    A contract clause prohibits the owner from renting out his property himself. It then falls to the manager of the establishment who is entitled to a portion of the rental income, between 20% and 60% depending on the case.

Length of opening of campsites

It is advisable to focus on a campsite open all year round so that you can enjoy the conviviality of the site at any time of the year. In your absence, the accommodation will be accessible as tenants.

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