Les Pays de la Loire sont une région qui vous fascine, un territoire dont vous ne vous lassez jamais ? Vous vous dites sans doute qu’il vous reste encore beaucoup de choses à découvrir dans cette partie de la France. Pour faciliter vos prochaines escapades, avez-vous pensé à séjourner dans votre propre résidence de vacances ? L’achat de mobil-home dans les Pays de la Loire vous permettrait en effet de choisir plus librement la période à laquelle vous souhaitez partir en vacances.

Sale of mobile homes in Pays de la Loire: the brands

The mobile homes for sale in the Pays de la Loire are among the best in terms of holiday residences. At Les Dunes campsite, in Bretignolles-sur-Mer (Vendée), the models available are made by IRM. The mobile homes in question offer a large living space. They have spacious bedrooms and a comfortable living area, as well as a perfectly equipped kitchen and a modern bathroom. Added to this is a wooden terrace which promises pleasant moments of relaxation with the family.

The sale of mobile homes in Pays de la Loire is a booming market. Several families are in fact convinced of the relevance of having their own residence when they stay at a campsite.

Sale of mobile homes in Pays de la Loire

Why buy a mobile home in Pays de la Loire?

Invest in a mobile home in Pays de la Loire. Becoming the owner of a mobile home in the Pays de la Loire therefore allows you to enjoy a certain freedom in organizing your weekends and holidays in this beautiful territory. The campsite being accessible from April to November, the family can even afford to treat themselves to a nature getaway on a whim.

The other advantage is financial. The owners of the mobile home can rent out their property when they are not using it, subject to the provisions of the campsite’s internal regulations, for example on the number of people authorized to stay there.

Investing in a mobile home in the Pays de la Loire is also an advantageous transaction from a tax point of view. If you opt for the status of non-professional furnished rental company or LMNP, you are entitled to a 50% reduction for the tax regime. micro-BIC or a deduction of charges and depreciation with the real and simplified regime.

Why buy a mobile home in Pays de la Loire?
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