Beyond the comfort of the mobile home, the decoration, interior layout and design of the accommodation are also important. To decorate the interior space of your mobile home, bring freshness, opting for a less classic style. This allows you to change the overall environment of your second home during family weekends. Here are some ideas for you to choose from.

A decor that is out of the ordinary

For a complete change of decor, personalize the entire interior design. Why not a mobile home in a marine style that gives you the impression of sailing aboard a ship during your stay. To compose the decor, add elements such as the rudder bar with white and blue touches that recall the maritime world. In terms of furniture, rustic accessories and decorative objects are essential. To enhance the whole, opt for a location with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

A modern and trendy retro style

If you want to bring a vintage touch to your mobile home, the modern and trendy retro style will do the trick. By adding unusual accessories like old maps, school chairs or the retro designer table.

A cozy cocoon

Who doesn’t want to stay in a pleasant and cozy place? To do this, you just need to take good care of the decor, playing on the brightness and colors. Focus on neutral tones by combining camel, cream and pastel gray colors for bed linen.

Have a beautiful living space

Decorating your mobile home allows you to benefit from a beautiful living space. For the living room, ensure that the room is bathed in natural light with a beautiful view to give the accommodation a warm and friendly atmosphere.

What about playful style?

To change a little from the classic style, the playful style can be interesting to keep you in a good mood as soon as you wake up. To do this, you have to focus on flashy colors, with a combination of color tints or shades. Because of its playful side, all types of furniture go well with this decor, ranging from picturesque to Scandinavian to industrial.

The ideal bathroom

Every room in the mobile home requires careful design, including the bathroom. To this end, do not hesitate to invest in high-end equipment. A pretty mirror with integrated lighting is preferred, without neglecting the sanitary facilities. Bathtub and Italian-style shower cabin will modernize the bathroom area of ​​the mobile home.

A simple, cozy and warm place

As a living space, the mobile home must be warm and cozy. Beyond its functional side, add elements that contribute to the ambiance of the home including wooden furniture, natural texture shelves and carpet for the floor.

The open kitchen, a must

Since the mobile home generally offers limited space, the open kitchen is the style par excellence for this type of accommodation.

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