The mobile home is an accommodation solution that particularly appeals to the French. As part of a rental investment, it is interesting in terms of price. By opting for a used model, its price ranges between 7,000 and 20,000 euros, negotiable depending on its condition and wear. In any case, it turns out to be profitable, hence the importance of choosing the right mobile home. Added to this is its advantageous tax regime, as well as its location within the residential leisure park.

Choose the right mobile home to rent

Faced with the plethora of mobile homes on the market, buyers generally choose branded models such as the IRM and the O’Hara. If you are thinking of investing in a new mobile home, you need to count between 30,000 and 70,000 euros. Otherwise, second-hand models are much more accessible, most costing no more than 20,000 euros. Whatever your choice, it is important to choose a mobile home in perfect condition, without forgetting to check that the practical equipment it includes is working properly.

What you need to know about the tax arrangements for a rental mobile home

With this type of investment, the owner has the status of “non-professional furnished rental company”. For this, he can choose between two plans with their respective advantages:

  • The micro-BIC regime or industrial and commercial profits allowing you to benefit from an automatic reduction of 50% on the tax base;
  • The real regime offering the possibility of recovering the 20% VAT on the purchase price, without including the tax base of the annual charges linked to the activity of LMNP.

Most of the time, mobile home owners favor the simplified real regime. It should be noted that the owner pays a tourist tax, as well as a property tax, because the accommodation located in the rental park is considered not built on the plot, as an HLL. In fact, the investor is exempt from housing tax.

Choose the right location for the rental mobile home

Several criteria come into play when choosing a mobile home, namely location, quality of the environment, proximity to places of interest and proximity to amenities. Then, the owner must improve the space in order to optimize the comfort of the mobile home. Details that can be used as sales arguments to encourage vacationers to rent their mobile home for a weekend or an extended stay.

Even for resale, these arguments are essential, particularly for the criterion of location. Over time, housing loses its value, i.e. -30% from the first year of use. As investors want above all to make the rental investment profitable, they manage to benefit from rental after seven years on average, the profits from which can reach €3,000.

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