Mobile homes are very popular accommodation in campsites. Perfect as a second home, the mobile home is an investment opportunity that appeals to many individuals. Indeed, this type of residence is more accessible than a classic country house.

The specificities of the mobile home

The mobile home is a mobile leisure residence which is comparable to any other type of accommodation. However, the installation of a mobile home is strongly prohibited on private land. This type of accommodation must be installed in a holiday village, a campsite, a residential leisure park or in a leisure area. Several models of mobile homes are available in these locations, and they are distinguished by their size, their living space and the presence of a terrace.

This mobile residence can be moved once the plot rental contract ends, and you wish to change location. In the clauses of the plot rental contract, the mobile home can access water, electricity and gas. In addition, owners can take advantage of the establishment’s facilities, such as the aquatic area, the games room, the multi-sports field, the children’s club, etc. In addition to this, the owner can lend, rent or sell his mobile home as he wishes.

Acquiring a mobile home is a good deal

purchasing a mobile home has many advantages. In fact, this type of residence is much cheaper than traditional accommodation.

Potential buyers have the choice between a wide selection of new or used models. You should know that the IRM or O’Hara brands are guarantees of quality in the sector. As for the price, you can find models between 20,000 euros and 30,000 euros, and more modern models between 40,000 euros and 70,000 euros. These prices vary depending on location, overall condition, design and amenities.

The profitability of the investment

Rental income from a mobile home can be very significant, and it is advisable to choose the status of non-professional furnished rental company in order to make the investment profitable and obtain a simplified tax regime.

The constraints that accompany the acquisition of a mobile home

Even if this investment seems very interesting, it is essential to take into account certain constraints. With zero housing tax and a low property tax, VAT recovery will not be possible if the owner opts for the micro-BIC regime.

The location of the mobile home

The location of the mobile home is very important. Whether in campsites or in PRL, the rental contract lasts one year. This contract is renewable, but the managers of these establishments tend to impose certain conditions for renewal.

Charges linked to the acquisition of a mobile home

Apart from various taxes, mobile home owners must pay a few charges, estimated at around one hundred euros, which are linked to maintenance and security. The installation of the mobile home still reserves some expenses, such as the costs of installation and connection to water, electricity and gas.

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